Jar Night Lights

Jar Night Lights

When you’re a new mom, suddenly you have all these different materials around to strike a new craft inspiration. The best way to keep to a budget, is to upcycle, and reuse what you have. Leah Ashley of ABC's FABLife shows you how to re-use empty baby food jars for a craft that your kids will love. 



1. Mix modpodge with water - Mix mod podge with water 1:1 – add 1 tbsp of each

2. Brush glue inside jar - Using a small brush, paint the interior of the jar, being sure to get around the edge and shoulders of the jar.

3. Add glitter & roll/spin to disperse - Spoon glitter into jar, then turn and roll to distribute glitter and coat evenly. 

4. Shake out excess - Then let dry completely, with jar right side up to allow evaporation.

5. Wrap lid with ribbon - Use hot glue to attach ribbon around lid edge.

6. Flip jar upside down & place tea-light - Place battery operated tea-light on upside down lid, then place glitter jar upside down on top. Turn on/off with tea-light.