Magnetic Spice Racks

Magnetic Spice Racks

Watch How It's Made

Spice up that boring spice rack of yours with Michael's magnetic version -- perfect for keeping your go-to cooking ingredients right at your fingertips!

-Baking sheet to fit inside your cabinet door
-Chalkboard wall decals – look for these at a paper supply store or online
-Small jars for spices
-Super glue
-Chalk or chalk markers


1. Apply chalkboard decals to the baking sheet, and cut the decals to fit.

2. Add spices to small jars. Leftover baby food jars work great. 

3. Glue magnets to the lids. Super magnets or rare earth magnets work best. We recommend using two magnets for a secure fit.

4. Write the name of spices on the “chalkboard” decal with chalk or chalk market. They will easily wash off with water.

5. Stick your spice jars to your baking sheet.

6. Screw the baking sheet to the inside of your cabinet door and voila!