Mini Corn-Hole Craft

Build this game for some summertime backyard fun!

Corn-Hole Board Materials
- Plywood
- Wooden Boards
- Bolts
- Fabric or Paint
- Paint or Foam Brush
- Mod Podge

To Make Board

1. Attach plywood to 1x2 wooden frame using glue and nails. Bolt on legs 

2. Cut a 4 1/2 inch hole using a hole saw

3. Drill hole through wood frame and bolt legs on 

4. Decorate as desired 
To Paint: Painters tape is a great way to map out your design. 

To use Fabric
- Pre-paint board a base color, let dry
- Cut fabric to desired shapes, lay out design,
- Larger cuts work better
- Use mod podge to adhere fabric
- Lay one coat of mod podge, lay fabric on top, seal with a second coat. 
- Use foam brush to apply coats. 

Bean-Bag Material
- Felt
- Hot Glue Gun
- Beans
- Plastic Baggies
- Tape

To Make Bean-Bags
1. Cut pieces of felt to fit through hole
- Choose color that match your board's design
- You'll need two pieces of fabric per bag
- Decorate outside of bag as desired 

2. Layer felt as hot glue 3 sides of bad together

3. Fill plastic baggie with 1/3 cup of bean mix.
- Seal bag and fold to fit inside felt baggie

4. Hot glue final side of felt bag.

5. Decorate outside of bag as desired.