Perfectly Polished Mugs

Perfectly Polished Mugs

Enjoy your morning cup of joe in one of these classy looking mugs!

- Mug
- Nail Polish
- Plastic Container
- Toothpick
- Nail Polish Remover


1. Clean mugs thoroughly to remove any dirt or oils.

2. Fill plastic container with water.
- Water should be lukewarm – not too hot or nail polish will coagulate much faster

3. Drizzle nail polish over water surface.

4. Swirl together with toothpick.

- Mix two colors on sure of water, creating swirls and marbling as desired.

5. Dip mug
- Holding top rim of mug, dip bottom half of mug into water and hold there for a few seconds. Then slowly draw mug up and out of water. Nail polish should adhere to the mug surface.

6. Let dry.
- Invert mug and let dry completely on paper towels.

7. Clean up design with nail polish remover.
- One dry, remove any undesired nail polish or design with cotton ball or swab dipped in nail polish remover.