6 Valentine's Day Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

6 Valentine's Day Cookie Recipes You Have To Try

The most romantic day of the year is almost here! And there is no better way to spread the love than by expressing it in the form of mouth-watering and decadently inspired desserts. Don't miss out on these must have Valentine's Day cookie recipes that will guarantee the perfect batch of goodies - just in time for Valentines Day!

1. Chocolate Kisses
Make the most of your sweet tooth and bequeath the one you love with the ultimate affection by whipping up a treat that is wrapped with love, hugs, and kisses.
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Chocolate Kisses: Part 1|Celebrate Valentine's Day with these sweet treats!|Celebrate Valentine's Day with these sweet treats!

2. Chocolate Chip Pecan Skillet Cookie Sundaes
Who knew having a skillet could translate into dessert time? If you're feeling extra adventurous commit to this exotic version of a deliciously conceived chocolate chip sundae. It's easier than it sounds and the results will leave you and yours happily content.
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Chocolate Chip Pecan Skillet Cookie Sundaes Recipe by Carla Hall|Get the recipe: http://abc.tv/1NPIMyv|Don't let your chocolate chip cookies fall flat! Make these decadent skillet cookies instead! | Get the recipe: http://abc.tv/1NPIMyv

3. Chocolate Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt
Chocolate lovers beware! You are about to venture into a territory that will catapult your senses as you navigate the deliciously alternates of sweet and salty. It's an unbeatable combo and awesome for any occasion but Valentine's Day seems like the right time to indulge!
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Michael's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies|Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies|Mercedes Masohn of 666 Park Avenue helps Michael make this sweet and salty treat!

4. Coffee and Cream Cookies
They say opposites attract and you can test that theory by combining two delectable treats to create a complimentary dessert that could mirror the blueprint for the ideal looking couple. Coffee and cream go together and if you're eager to translate that to real life - replicate this gorgeous recipe and see what unfolds!
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Coffee and Cream Cookies|Ditch the cup and get your java fix with Daphne's delicious cookies!|Ditch the cup and get your java fix with Daphne's delicious cookies!

5. Mario Batali's Grandma's Biscotti
There's no better way to greet Valentine's Day than with a confetti encrusted biscotti. It's a snack that is filled with a playful and flirty quality that is nice and easy. Sounds good? Here's how to break bread with the person who makes you smile the most.
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Mario's Grandma's Biscotti Recipe - 2|Mario and Carla prepare biscotti.|Mario and Carla make one of his favorite holiday cookies, his Grandmas Biscotti!

6. Sugar Cookie Cups
Feel that rush of sweetness in a cup by whipping up an amazingly ease and yet swoon-worthy confection that will not disappoint and may even be the ice breaker for a day reserved for lucky lovebirds.
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Sugar Cookie Cups|Get the recipe: http://abc.tv/1zqrAWG|Ditch your graham cracker crust with sugar cookie dough for a dessert you won't want to miss! | Get the recipe: http://abc.tv/1zqrAWG