Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Dishes

Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Dishes

All across the US and Mexico, people are starting up their grills and celebrating Mexican heritage and pride! Your party just wouldn't be complete with these must make dishes!

Honey-Chipotle Ribs and Crazy Street Corn (Click for the Recipe)

Nothing says yum like Pati Jinich's finger licking ribs! As an added bonus, Pat shows you how to make a favorite street food of Mexico and the southern US!

Guacamole Bar (Click for the Recipe)

Who are you kidding, everbody LOVES guacamole! Wow your guests not just with one, but THREE different amped up versions of your favorite chip dipper!

Chile Rellenos (Click for the Recipe) 

Let's see...does everybody like fried food? Yup. Does everybody like cheese? Of course. Is your Cinco de Mayo complete without spicy food? Of course not. Make these now!

Tortilla Soup (Click for the Recipe) 

Why not serve soup at your party...especially when it's this good!

Mango Margarita (Click for the Recipe)

Why drink the same ol' cerveza when you can wow your guests with an amazing cocktail!