Top 5 Essential Crafts for the Perfect Easter Party

Top 5 Essential Crafts for the Perfect Easter Party

Robin’s Nest Cupcakes

Simply start with your favorite homemade or store-bought mini cupcakes. Top each frosted cupcake with toasted, shredded coconut to create a bird’s nest. Then, drop blue candy eggs or jelly beans in the center of each nest.

Finally, package these adorable cupcakes in an egg carton for a celebratory serving display, or tie up the carton with ribbon to give as a gift!

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

You’ll wow your guests with these elaboratly decorated eggs, but the best part is they take almost no time at all to make. As an added bonus, if you blow out your eggs first you can keep them for years to come!

What You’ll Need
• Eggs
• Old silk scarves or ties
• White vinegar
• Rubber bands
• Socks

How to Make Them
1. If you want to keep them for more than a year you can blow out your eggs if you want to make them last for years to come.  To do this just poke a hole in the top and bottom, then use a small straw to blow out the yolk and whites. Rinse it out, let dry, and you’re ready to go!
2. Tightly wrap egg in scarf.  Then secure with rubber band.
3. Place the egg in a sock and secure with a rubberband.
4. Add 1 cup vinegar to pot of gently boiling water.  You want about 1 teaspoon of vinegar for every half cup of water.  Be sure to use enamel or glass pot (something non-reactive).
5. Drop eggs into water and let sit for 20 minutes.  If they’re blown eggs, fill them with water beforehand so they sink.
6. We removed the eggs from the boiling water and allowed them to cool.
7. Unwrap them and check out your creation.  NOTE: These are not to be eaten – they are for display only.

Easter Bunny Bark

Fill your Easter Baskets with Daphne’s delectable chocolate bunny bark for a homemade treat the kids and adults will love!

First, line a rimmed baking sheet with wax paper or a silicone baking sheet, and then melt some chocolate. Pour your melted chocolate onto the baking sheet, and sprinkle with your favorite toppings, like pretzels, graham crackers, pistachios, and candy-coated chocolates. To finish off your sweet treat, drizzle with a touch of melted white chocolate.

Chill until your bark is completely set, about 30 to 40 minutes. Then, break it into pieces and package it with pastel ribbon for a gift any-bunny would love!

Homemade Chocolate Easter Bunnies

This bunny is a fun project the whole family can take part in. Just follow pastry chef Jacques Torres' simple steps to make it and have fun!

What You Need
2 copies of the stencil (click here to get it)

Tempered chocolate
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet
Pairing Knife
Powdered Food Coloring
Gel Food Coloring

How to Make It
1. Print two copies of stencil; cut the entire image from one, and the smaller details from the other.
2. Pour tempered milk chocolate on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and chill in refrigerator for 10 minute, just enough for the chocolate to crystallize, but not become hard. Repeat process for white chocolate. To make colored chocolate, use fat-soluble powdered food coloring and mix with tempered white chocolate.
3. Remove the chocolate from the fridge and trace large stencil onto milk chocolate, and smaller stencils onto white and colored chocolate with a utility or paring knife.
4. "Glue" smaller stenciled details on large chocolate image with tempered chocolate.
5. Decorate the chocolate with tempered dark chocolate in a piping bag, or gel food coloring (applied with a paint brush).

Clinton’s Easter Chick Piñata

There’s nothing more fun than a piñata at a party! Clinton shows you how to make this at home so you don’t waste money at the party store.

What You Need
• Flour
• Water
• Salt
• Balloon
• Newspaper
• Orange construction paper
• Yellow and White tissue paper (2 packages of each)
• Candy to fill piñata
• Googly Eyes

How to Make It
1. Paper Mache Prep
• Combine 1 part flour with 1 part water. Add salt and whisk until smooth.
• Inflate balloon and tape down knot. Rest balloon on empty jar or bowl.
• Cut newspaper into strips. (NOTE: Salt prevents mold – in case you need to make piñata ahead of time.)

2. Paper Mache Balloon
• Dip newspaper strips into paper mache mixture.
• Cover balloon with 3 to 4 layers of paper mache.
• Squeeze excess mixture off and lay strips over balloon, smoothing as you work.
(NOTE: The balloon acts as a form for the piñata. Squeeze excess mixture off newspaper strip and lay on balloon – smoothing as you work – helps for a lump-free piñata.)

3. Tissue Paper Design
• Attach tissue paper strips to piñata with craft glue.
(NOTE: Use regular white glue to stick tissue paper onto piñata body Allow newspaper to completely dry, then pop balloon.)

 4. Finish Up
• Attach accessories and fill.
• Using orange construction paper cut out beak and feet, then attach to piñata.
• Fill piñata with Easter candy.