Recap: 10/01/14 Mighty Meals

Recap: 10/01/14 Mighty Meals

The Hosts become super cooks in order to make some Mighty Meals for everyone to enjoy.

Chat N’ Chew: Chicken Diablo
Michael whips up a devilish chicken dish with a kale side salad!
Get the Recipe for Chicken Diablo
Get the Recipe for the Kale Salad

Chat N’ Chew: The Next Food Trend: Artisanal Popcorn
Move over cupcakes and burgers, popcorn is the next food to be taken to the next level!

Mario’s Simple, Special Spectacular Sausage and Broccoli Rabe
Mario takes one dish and transforms it into 3 different delicious meals you won’t want to miss!
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On Location: DC Central Kitchen
Carla takes us to a community kitchen with a mission near and dear to her heart: recycling food from around Washington DC to feed the homeless and providing culinary training for the unemployed.

Michael’s Turkey Meatloaf Stuffed Squash with Wild Rice Arugula Salad
Michael, Carla and DC Central Kitchen graduate, Howard Thomas, prepare a Turkey Meatloaf Stuffed Squash you won’t want to miss!  Get the Recipe

Mighty Meals Matchup Trivia
The audience must guess which athlete eats which specific mighty food!