Recap: 10/06/14 Bite Club

Recap: 10/06/14 Bite Club

Rule one of bite club, you eat and eat well! Special guest Terry Crews joins Michael & Mario in the kitchen to make a meal fit for a millionaire!

Sleep Eating: It’s A Real Thing
The New York Post reported on an interesting phenomenon you might not have known even existed: sleep eating. See what the hosts think of this condition.

Terry Crews makes Spicy Lamb & Kimchi Lettuce Wraps with Mario
Terry Crews of ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” stops by to make delectable Asian dish with Mario.
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Carla’s Bite Rules
Carla gives you the rules you need to follow for a successful party. Disobey at your own risk!

Who Made it Best: Taco Edition
Christine and Alice, two Mother-in-Laws go head to head to see who has the best taco: Christine’s Secret Sauce Tacos vs. Alice’s Barbacoa Tacos.
Get the Recipe for Alice’s Barbacoa Tacos Recipe
Get the Recipe for Christine’s Secret Sauce Tacos

Who Made it Best: Winner Revealed
The tasting table decides whose taco reigns supreme: Christine’s Secret Sauce Tacos or Alice’s Barbacoa Tacos.