Recap: 10/09/14 Tasty Temptations

Recap: 10/09/14 Tasty Temptations

You're going to need all the willpower you can muster to resist these absolutely amazing dishes.

Would You Rather?
The hosts are presented with some situations and they must answer "Would You Rather…"

Michael’s Grilled Sirloin Steak with Cheesy Potatoes & Daphne’s Lighter Cheesy Potato Pancakes
Michael grills up a tasty steak fit for a king and then presents you with the option of 2 sides: his irresistible Cheesy Potatoes or Daphne’s Healthy Potato Pancakes.
Get the Recipe for Michael’s Grilled Sirloin Steak with Cheesy Potatoes
Get the Recipe for Daphne’s Cheesy Potato Pancake

Clinton’s Pumpkin Carving Tips
From finding the pumpkin, to prepping, to finally cutting, Clinton’s got the tips you will need this Halloween season.

Pear Amaretto Soufflé
Carla's decadent sweet treat is a dessert that will surely wow your family and friends at your next get-together!
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On Location: Epcot Food & Wine Festival
The Chew travels to this internationally recognized festival to sample some dishes and get a lesson at the Chocolate Boot Camp.
Get the Recipe for Grilled Verlasso Salmon
Get the Recipe for Bacon Hash
Get the Recipe for Warm Carrot Cake
Get the Recipe for Mocequa (Brazilian Fish Stew)

Clinton’s Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
It's a downright sin to resist Clinton's decadent chocolatey drink.
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