Recap & Recipes: 10/13/14 Simply Irresistible

Recap & Recipes: 10/13/14 Simply Irresistible

The hosts dish up some meals you can't resist. Special guest Mario Lopez joins Mario in the kitchen to make a super dish and Jeff Garlin of ABC's The Goldbergs stop by to talk about his show!

Great Moments in Italian Food History
Mario and the gang remember the tastiest moments in Italian history!

Mario’s Caponata "Subs"
Mario Lopez joins Mario Batali in the kitchen to make an amazing vegetarian-friendly Italian dish!
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Lopez or Nopez
Mario Lopez finds out if the crew knows everything there is to know about Mario Lopez!

Food Frenzy: Mario Lopez Edition
Daphne and Mario Lopez host a game of Food Frenzy where contestants are challenged to match the calories to each of the 3 dishes presented to them!

Michael’s Chocolate Peanut Pie
Michael's easy-to-make chocolate pie uses avocados instead of dairy. You won't believe how good it is until you try it for yourself!
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Jeff Garlin Talks About The Goldbergs
This star of ABC’s hilarious comedy talks about his show, his career, and more!