Recap & Recipes: 10/15/14 Weekday Gourmet

Recap & Recipes: 10/15/14 Weekday Gourmet

The Chew cohosts prove that tasty gourmet food can be made on a budget any day of the week!

The Chew’s E-Z Guide to Meal Planning
Plan and execute a week’s worth of meals without all the stress and hassle!

Grilled Skirt Steak with Mushroom Gravy
Michael’s 5-in-5 meal will take you longer to fire up the grill than to make!
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Michael & Clinton travel to Mexico City
Michael & Clinton spend the day with one of the most celebrated chefs in Mexico City, Eduardo Garcia, and see where some of his inspiration for his restaurant & dishes come from.

Tip Tourney: Best Weekday Gourmet
Three moms pitch their best Weekday Gourmet tips to the cohosts. Who will win? Watch to find out!

Mom 1: Chirsten
I have the best solution for an organized lunchbox! Most kids hate when their food touches other food, but no mom wants to wash five separate dishes at the end of the day! My solution? Fun, girly cupcake liners to hold all of my daughter’s snacks! I use a double-compartment container and put rolled meats & cheeses on one side and the cupcake liners packed with crackers, fruit and veggies on the other. My daughter helps pick everything out the night before so she’s involved and mornings are hassle-free!

Mom 2: Cecilia
I have a timesaving shortcut that will mean you never have to mince garlic clove-by-clove again! Instead of prepping it every time I cook, I peel a whole bunch at once and throw it all in the food processor – a quick push of the button and it’s done! I spread it in a casserole dish, freeze it for about an hour, then cut it into squares, and then freeze it completely. I keep the squares in zip-top bags, so they’re ready to go anytime I need them!

Mom 3: Faviola
My trick for homemade applesauce will save you both time and money! I buy a big bag of organic apples in bulk, then just core and roughly slice them and throw them into a rice cooker with a little water! You leave them for 10-15 minutes and when they come out they’re so soft you can just squeeze the skins off. Then you give them a quick purée in the blender and you’re done! You don’t add any sugar or anything else, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your kids, and it’s so easy to do while you multitask, because the rice cooker lets you set it and forget it!

Gnocchi with Chicken Ragu
Gourmet up an ordinary weekday meal with Mario's tasty Italian dumplings!
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Spruce Up Your Centerpieces
Follow Clinton’s super easy tips to make a spectacular centerpiece that’ll spruce up any meal.

Meal Match Game
The crew plays a super fun fill-in-the-blank game with two audience members!