Recap & Recipes: 10/23/14 Thrifty Thursday

Recap & Recipes: 10/23/14 Thrifty Thursday

Saving money on meals doesn't mean sacrificing flavor if you make these recipes from the crew. Special guest Jason Thompson of ABC's General Hospital stops by to cook up a tasty meal with Daphne.

Credit Cards for Kids?!
Some parents are putting allowances on credit or debit cards for their kids. Is this a good idea? See what the cohosts think!

Ham Steak with Kale & Black Eyed Peas
Nothing will satisfy you quite like Michael's amazing ham steak with kale and beans!
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Twisted Old-Fashioned
Michael's twist on a classic cocktail is the perfect thing to have with a hearty steak.
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Your Freaky Front Door: Festive Halloween Lanterns
Clinton’s decorative lamps are amazing…they provide light and serve as a decoration.
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Making Pesto with Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson of ABC’s General Hospital joins Mario and Daphne in the kitchen to whip up not one, but two different pestos: Sun-Dried Tomato Sicilian Pesto and Classic Basil Pesto
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Jason Thompson Dishes on General Hospital
Jason talks Rick Springfield, the potential romance between Dr. Patrick Drake and Sam, and if his fiancée ever gets jealous of his steamy scenes.  

Carla’s Thrifty Tips
Save money and time when buying and portioning meats for your family!