Recap & Recipes: Halloween in a Hurry

Recap & Recipes: Halloween in a Hurry

Need some last minute Halloween ideas? No need to panic! The Chew crew is here to show you some Halloween in a Hurry ideas. Special guests Lilly & Audrey, a.k.a The Chef Twins, stop by to brew up a delicious weekday soup with Daphne and Mario.

Chew Costumes of the Past
Do you remember when Mario was Guy Fieri or when the cast was dressed up as the Spice Girls? Tune in Friday to see what each cohost will be dressed as this year!

Amazing Last Minute Costumes
Don’t worry if you forgot to buy a costume this year, Clinton’s got 3 amazing ideas that’ll have you up and running for your party in no time at all!
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Michael’s 5-in-5: Spooky Beef & Peppers
Scare up this tasty meal in less than 5 minutes for less than $5.
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Mario’s Leftover Cheesy Beef and Pepper Hash
Breakfast, lunch or dinner, a simple hash is a great solution to use up your leftovers for any meal.
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Trick Out Your Treats
Carla turns ordinary appetizers into a pumpkin Halloween treats!
Get the Recipe for Pumpkin Cheese Ball
Get the Recipe for Pumpkin Patch Deviled Eggs

Goblin Minestrone Soup & Vampire Punch
Lilly and Audrey Andrews, a.k.a The Chef Twins, stop by to whip up this soup combination you won’t want to miss out on this Halloween!
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