12 Days of Ornaments

12 Days of Ornaments

Looking to amp up your Christmas decorations this year? Give your tree a festive touch with The Chew Crew's 12 homemade ornaments -- all guaranted to deliver the spirit and joy of the holidays. Stay tuned to find out how to make all 12!

1. Thumbtack Ornament

Ornament 1 (1)|||1280|720|0

Paper Clip
Styrofoam Balls
Styrofoam Craft Glue

1. Brush the a small area (about the size of a quarter) of the styrofoam ball with styrofoam glue, and begin laying on the string in a tight spiral. 

2. Continue to brush more glue onto the ball as the spiral grows. Work from top to bottom for best results. Let dry, and then place tacks randomly spaced around the ball -- super glue will help make these permanent. 

3. Push the paper clip into one end of the ball and run ribbon through it to attach to the tree.

Watch how it's made!

Day 1: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Thumbtack Ornaments.|Clinton kicks off The 12 Days of Ornaments with Thumbtack Ornaments.


2. Glittery Animal Ornament

Plastic Animals
Small Screw Eyes
Spray Primer
Spray Glitter

1. Clean animal with warm water and soap.  

2. Coat animals with spray primer and let dry.

3. Stick a small screw eye into the back of the animal. Try to place it in a spot at the center of the animal mass to ensure  it hangs straight and doesn't tip too far forward or back.

4. Coat animal with spray glitter. Note that it may take 3 coats or so to get it covered evenly.  Let dry completely.

 Watch how it's made!

Day 2: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Glittery Animal Ornaments.|Clinton makes Glittery Animal Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


3. Poinsettia Ornament

Ornament 3|||1280|720|0

Paper Towel Roll
Coffee Filters
Red Spray Paint
Ribbon or String

1. Press the paper towel roll flat and then cut into 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch sections. Use a ruler to measure equal sections before cutting so the ornament is equally tall all around. 

2. Iron your coffee filter on a low setting until it's completely flat. You can also press them within the pages of a large book by letting them sit for a few hours.

3. Lay your roll pieces and filters on a spray paint safe box or on a drop cloth outside and coat each piece in red spray paint.

4. Run hot glue around the edge of each roll and place onto the coffee filter. Trim around the outside of the roll sections to create petals. When all of your petals are cut, attach them to each other using hot glue. It helps to lay out the petals in the correct formation before gluing.

5. Once the poinsettia is completely glued, poke a small hole in the top of one of the petals and attach a piece of ribbon or string. 

Watch how it's made!

Day 3: The 12 Days of Ornaments - 1|Clinton makes Poinsettia Ornaments.|Clinton makes Poinsettia Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


 4. CD Disco Ball Ornament

Glass Ornament
Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut up some CDs into bits and pieces using a pair of scissors. Cut the CD pieces as small as possible so they're easier to glue to the ornament.

2. Hot glue CD pieces to the ornament, leaving little spaces between bites. Continue until the ornament is complete.

3. Add a piece of ribbon and hang!

Watch how it's made!

Day 4: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes CD Disco Ball Ornaments.|Clinton makes CD Disco Ball Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


5. Glittery Pine Cone Ornament

Pine Cones
White Glue
Screw Eyes
Paint Brush

1. Drill hole for the screw eye and put it in the top of the pine cone. 

2. Using a paint brush, apply glue to the pine cone. Don't overdo it -- just hit the tips and let the beautiful pine cone pattern shine through.

3. Shake glitter onto wet glue using a spoon. Work over a paper plate so that all of the extra glitter that falls can easily be poured back into the bowl. Let dry.

4. Attach a ribbon or decorative cord through the screw eye and hang.

Watch how it's made!

Day 5: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Glittery Pine Cone Ornaments.|Clinton makes Glittery Pine Cone Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


6. Gold Dipped Ornament

Glass Ball Ornaments
Acrylic Paint
Painters' Tape
Gold Spray Paint

1. Dilute the acrylic paint with water and pour inside the glass ornament.

2. Tilt and swirl the ornament around allowing the paint to cover the entire interior.

3. Place the ornament upside-down on a paper plate to remove the excess paint. Let dry.

4. Use painters' tape to cover the top portion of the ball to protect it from the gold spray paint. Create a straight line with no gaps.

5. Spray exposed bottom of ornament with gold paint. Two coats will likely be necessary.

6. After spraying the bottom gold, slowly and carefully remove the tape.

Watch how it's made!

Day 6: The 12 Days of Ornaments - 1|Clinton makes Gold Dipped Ornaments.|Clinton makes Gold Dipped Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


7. Crayon Ornament

Ornament 7|||1280|720|0

Clear Glass Ornament
Hair Dryer

1. Select a crayon color combination. Keep it simple by sticking with 2 or 3 colors.

2. Remove the paper labels and break or cut the crayons into little pieces about the size of a fingernail. 

3. Put about a half crayon's work of each color into the ornament.

4. Heat up the ornament with the hair dryer to the highest heat. Focus the heat on the spot where the crayons are. Heating can take time depending on your blow dryer. If your hands gets hot, hold the ornament by inserting the handle of a wooden spoon into it.

5. As the crayons begin to get soft, slowly start to turn the ornament so the pieces slice and smear their colors along the inside surface of the ornament. Keep the heat focused on the ornament.

6. Once you are satisfied with your ornament, turn off the heat.

7. Try to shake out the bits of crayon. If they are not visible, you may leave them stuck to the inner surface.

8. Put back on hanger and add to the tree.

Watch how it's made!

Day 7: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Crayon Ornaments.|Clinton makes Crayon Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


8. Santa Paintbrush Ornament

White, Red, Peach, and Pink Paint
Black Marker or Paint Pen
Hot Glue

1. Using another brush, paint the bristles white and leave the ends unpainted. Paint the metal part of the brush peach. Paint the handle red. Allow the paint to try in between steps.

2. Pull some cotton and create the fur hat trim, the mustrache and the ball at the top of his hat. Hot glue these in place. 

3. Brush two little circles on his peach-colored face to create rosy cheeks. Draw on two little black eye balls.

Watch how it's made!

9. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

White Acrylic Paint 
Fine Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun
Bottle Caps
Mini Buttons
Black and Orange Markers

1. Paint the inside of the bottle caps white.

2. Using the hot glue, create a loop of ribbon to mount the bottle caps. The entire piece should be the length of 3 bottle caps plus 3/4-inch or more of loop to extend above the snowman's head.

3. Hot glue 3 bottle caps onto the ribbon loop.

4. Paint in facial details and buttons.

5. Give your snowman a ribbon scard with a button to fasten it and hot glue it in place.

Watch how it's made!


10. Button Ball Ornament

Quilting Pins
Styrofoam Balls

1. Push a pin through one hole in a button. Choose buttons in a similar color palate. 

2. Insert button with pin into a styrofoam ball. Work from one end of the ball to the other until you are a few buttons short of being complete. Overlap buttons slightly to acheive a more covered look.

3. Press a paper clip into the remaining ball to make an ornament hanger, then finish covering the ball.

Watch how it's made!

Day 10: The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Button Ball Ornaments.|Carla makes Button Ball Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.


11. Winter Wonderland Ornament

Flat Plastic Ornament
Wintery Photo
Foam Brush
Acrylic Paint (White and Silver)
Coarse Glitter or Nonpareils
Painters Tape

1. Print image on normal copier paper, and cut the image in a circle (ours is 3 inches).

2. Brush mod-podge onto the ornament. Put the image face down onto the mod-podge, and brush more mod-podge onto the back of the photo. Let mod-podge dry. Paper will soften and conform to the shape of the ornament. Smooth with finger tip so paper is flat against the ornament.

3. Tape the circumference of the ornament in order to paint the back half. Paint the back half silver or white paint. Let dry and repeat.

4. Add "snow" by sprinkling nonpareils or glitter. Close the ornament and add ribbon to hang!

Watch how it's made!


12. Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Ornament 12|||1280|720|0

 Hot Glue Gun
Snowflake Template
Wax Paper
Dish Soap
Ornament Hanger or Wire

Chunky Glitter

1.  Draw or print a snowflake template that is 4-6 inches wide, and tape the template to the work surface. Next, tape a sheet of wax paper over the snowflake image.

2. Using a foam brush, spread a very thin layer of dish soap over the snowflake image. Slowly trace the image of the snow flake with hot glue and try your best to keep the thickness of the glue consistent -- if the glue slides, you’ve used too much soap.

3. As you’re hot gluing, glue over a piece of wire that will be used as an ornament hook once it dries.

4. After the snowflake dries, peel away the wax paper and rinse any residue. Brush the snowflake with mod-podge and sprinkle with glitter. Once the first  side dries, repeat on the opposite side. Use the wire inside the snowflake as a hook, or attach a pretty ribbon to it and voila!

The 12 Days of Ornaments|Clinton makes Winter Wonderland Ornaments.|Carla makes Winter Wonderland Ornaments as part of The 12 Days of Ornaments.

Watch how it's made!