St. Patrick's Day 2017: Beer Types 101

St. Patrick's Day 2017: Beer Types 101

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the right beer! Michael Symon shares his beer knowledge and shows us the basics of beer by breaking down the different beer types. From Ales to Lagers and ever some "Funky Stuff," Michael explains which type of beer would pair best with BBQ, chicken or even cheese. Check out Michael's tutorial and get a full Beer 101 chart listing all the basics and the difference in beer types below.

ALE: A great example of an ale is Stout. This type pairs well with BBQ, smoked dishes, and chocolate. It is also great to use in braises!

LAGER: PILSNER is a type of lager that is mild and crisp. They pair well with chicken, fish, and citrus flavors.  

"FUNKY STUFF":  SOUR, Michael's, favorite type, is tangy and fruity. Sours are best paired with rich foods, fruits, and stinky cheeses.

These are just a few St. Patrick's Day drinks. Check out these beer recipes from The Chew.

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