Chew Schedule: 03/16/2015

Chew Schedule: 03/16/2015

This week on the Chew: St. Paddy's Day Dishes, Springtime Dishes, and more! Special guests Mekhi Phifer, Chef Roble, Ian Harding of ABCFamily's "Pretty Little Liars", Erin Andrews of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and Lisa Loeb stop by.

Monday 03/16: Fast ’N’ Fresh

Tuesday 03/17: St. Paddy’s Day Party 
Special Guest: Mekhi Phifer

Wednesday 03/18: Don’t Mess With Breakfast 
Special Guest: Chef Roble

Thursday 03/19: The Secret Ingredient 
Special Guest: Ian Harding

Friday 03/20: Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring 
Special Guests: Erin Andrews, Lisa Loeb