Chew Schedule: 10/13/2014

Next Week on the Chew: Simply Irresistible Eats, everyone's favorite Bavarian holiday, and more! Special guests Jeff Garlin of ABC's The Goldbergs, Rachel Ray of ABC's The Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, & Cristela Alonzo of ABC's Cristela stop by. 

Monday 10/13: Simply Irresistible
Special Guests: Mario Lopez, Jeff Garlin

Food Frenzy: Mario Lopez Edition
Daphne and Mario Lopez host a game of Food Frenzy where contestants are challenged to match the calories to each of the 3 dishes presented to them!

Tuesday 10/14: Oktoberfest
Special Guest: Rachael Ray

Chat N’ Chew: Never Have I Ever
The cohosts play a round of this revealing game. Find out (among other things) who has gone commando on-air!

Wednesday 10/15: Weekday Gourmet

The Chew’s E-Z Guide to Meal Planning
Plan and execute a week’s worth of meals without all the stress and hassle!

Thursday 10/16: Fired Up!
Special Guest: Giada De Laurentiis

What Draws the Ire Out of the Cohosts
Mario and the gang vote on situations that get them hot under the collar.

Friday 10/17: EVF: Double-Up Dinners
Special Guest: Cristela Alonzo, Marc Summers

Don’t Chew Dare!
Marc Summers pays homage to his old show and has the cohosts answer some questions. If they get it wrong, they get slimed!