Chew Schedule: 10/27/2014

Chew Schedule: 10/27/2014

Next Week on the Chew: The final countdown to Halloween has begun! Special guests Gene Simmons of KISS, Stanley Tucci, Tracy Pollan, and Lilly & Audrey, a.k.a. The Chef Twins, stop by.  

Monday 10/27: Bewitching Bites
Special Guest: Gene Simmons

Clinton & Carla's Haunted House Visit
Carla & Clinton are scared out of their minds as they enter "Nightmare NY" in New York City

Tuesday 10/28: Devilish Dinners
Special Guest: Stanley Tucci

The Hunger Games with Stanley Tucci
Our special guest hosts a game of The Hunger Games where two contestants compete for a change to sit at the tasting table!

Wednesday 10/29: Super Spooky Sweets
Special Guest: Tracy Pollan

It's National Cat Day
Take a look at these fashionable looks for your kitty!

Thursday 10/30: Halloween in a Hurry
Special Guest: Lilly & Audrey, a.k.a. The Chef Twins

Chew Costumes of the Past
Do you remember when Mario was Guy Fieri or when the cast was dressed up as the Spice Girls? Tune in Friday to see what each cohost will be dressed as this year!

Friday 10/31: The Chew's Halloween Party

The Cohost’s 2014 Halloween Costumes Revealed
The time has come, see what Carla and the gang dressed up for this year!