More to Chew On: Handy Fruit Gadgets

More to Chew On: Handy Fruit Gadgets

Make the most of your produce with these handy fruit gadgets:

1. Citra Sipper

Fresh from the grove doesn’t have anything on these zippy straws that allow you to enjoy juice right from an orange. Simply insert the sipper into a ripe orange, squeeze, and sip! Clocking in at only $0.99, this nifty gadget may be the world’s smallest juicer!

2. Cherry Pitter

Love cherries but can’t stand the pit? This professional tool can pit up to 3/4 pound of fruit at once by quickly removing the pits with a single push. With a hefty price tag of $69, this time-saving tool may be just the thing to aid in your cherry pie making!

3. Banana Bunker

Say so long to bruised bananas with the help of this protective bunker, which keeps your breakfast safe while in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. Worth only $6.99, this convenient container is guaranteed to keep your fruit safe until it’s time to snack!