More to Chew On: French Trivia

More to Chew On: French Trivia

Put your knowledge of all things French to the test with this useful trivia:

1. How many facial muscles are used during a French kiss?

A. 27
B. 34
C. 41

2. Which of the following “vertically challenged” celebrities are taller than legendary Frenchman Napoleon Bonaparte?

A. Tom Cruise
B. Emilio Estevez
C. Prince

3. In French cooking, a “roux” is a term that describes the combination of which ingredients?

A. Carrots, Celery, and Onion
B. Egg Whites and Sugar
C. Butter and Flour

4. According to the USDA, how many pounds of French Fries does the average American eat per year?

A. 17 pounds
B. 23 pounds
C. 29 pounds


1. A French kiss utilizes ALL 34 of your facial muscles.
2. Tom Cruise. He tops out at 5’7” while Napoleon was only 5’5”.
3. Butter and Flour.
4. 29 pounds!