More to Chew On: Viewer Q&A

More to Chew On: Viewer Q&A

When Chew Viewers are dealing with some freaky situations, they turn to The Chew Crew for some much-needed advice.

Q: Jill S: One of my ex-boyfriends recently messaged me on Facebook wanting to get together. It’s been 5 years since we’ve seen each other. Is it ever a good idea to try and rekindle something that’s long been over?

A: In the wise words of Favio Viviani, “it was probably a drunken text or a booty call!”

Q: Allie A: My best friend’s boyfriend came on to me recently at a party… he was drunk and the next day he begged me not to tell her. Do I keep it to myself or is honesty the best policy?

A: While Carla thinks Allie should keep this information to herself, Daphne believes that if she is really your best friend, then you owe it to her to tell her what happened, and warn her about her boyfriend.

Tell Us What You Think: What do you think these Chew viewers should do about their sticky situations?