More to Chew On: Soda Shoppe Gadgets

More to Chew On: Soda Shoppe Gadgets

The Chew Crew rounded up some of the hottest ice cream gadgets on the market to determine which ones are worth it or worthless. 

Here’s the scoop:

1. Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

Pick up this nifty tool if you’re tired of waiting for ice cream to soften. Get the perfect scoop every time by pressing this gadget into the pint, twisting, and lifting. For $17 you’re guaranteed a soda-shoppe style scoop to top off your cone.

2. Ben and Jerry’s Eurphori-Lock

Has someone been eating from your pint again? Take precautions for the ultimate dessert security with this ice cream combination lock. Place it on the top of your ice cream carton and ward off any late night intruders.

3. Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Give your favorite ice cream a lift by sandwiching it between two delicious cookies. Could it be any simpler? Actually, yes! This mini device does all the work for you – it cuts the cookies and scoops the ice cream to form an adorable treat.

Tell Us What You Think: Are these gadgets worth it or worthless?