More to Chew On: Breakfast Trivia

More to Chew On: Breakfast Trivia

Put your breakfast knowledge to the test with these useful pieces of trivia:

1. Breakfast In Cinema:

Which of the following classic films has grossed more at the box office?

A. The Breakfast Club
B. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
C. Weekend at Bernie’s 5: Beach Breakfast Bonanza

2. Drinkables:

Which profession drinks the most coffee?

A. College Professors
B. Scientists
C. Clinton Kelly’s Body Waxer

3. Bacon:

What is the name of Kevin Bacon’s band?

A. The Sizzle
B. The Bacon Brothers
C. Six Degrees of Me


1. Breakfast In Cinema: The Breakfast Club – The Breakfast Club earned over $51 million in box office sales while Breakfast at Tiffany’s came in just over $14 million.

2. Drinkables: Scientists – While scientists took first place, Business Insider reported that public relations professionals came in a close second.

3. Bacon: The Bacon Brothers! – Kevin's band consists of him and his brother, Michael.