More to Chew On: Hot Dog Essentials

More to Chew On: Hot Dog Essentials

With grilling season in full swing, it’s easy to understand why hotdogs are the epitome of summer. Simply toss these tasty franks on the grill and consider dinner done. But, what happens after your dog is cooked? From toppings to bun options, The Chew Crew debates the hottest topics in hot dogs.

A. Ketchup vs. Mustard

Michael: Mustard (specifically brown)
Daphne: Both
Carla: Mustard
Curtis: Both

B. Toasted Bun vs. Untoasted Bun

Michael: Toasted
Daphne: Untoasted
Carla: Toasted
Curtis: Untoasted

C. Competitive Hot Dog Eating… Disgusting vs. Entertaining

Michael: Disgusting
Daphne: Disgusting
Carla: Disgusting
Curtis: Disgusting

Tell Us What You Think: Where do you stand on these essential hot dog choices?