More to Chew On: Q&A

More to Chew On: Q&A

Tune in for some Q&A as The Chew’s loyal Facebook fans submit their most dire questions to The Chew Crew. Here’s what the co-hosts had to say:

Q: KAREN K: For our 1st anniversary, my husband let it slip that he wants to serve me breakfast in bed. It’s sweet, but I have a serious thing about eating where I sleep. Is it weird that I’m grossed out at the idea of breakfast in bed?

A: The hosts think the offer is very sweet and Karen should try and get over her anxiety. After all, Karen can always wash the sheets if there’s a spill!

Q: MARTHA V: Ever since my daughter came back from college, she insists on buying organic milk and farmers market eggs. Both are expensive! It’s milk and eggs, for heaven’s sake. Is organic really better for you?  

A: Sorry to say, but organic really is better for you. In fact, eggs and milk are especially important to buy organic because of the feed going to the livestock. Also, the flavor of organic eggs and milk is significantly better.

Q: LINDSAY H: My roommate has been accusing me lately of eating her breakfast cereal. I keep telling her she’s crazy, but the truth is I really am eating her cereal. Is that so wrong? It’s cereal!

A: The hosts think Lindsay should stop lying! It’s worse to make her roommate feel crazy than it is for Lindsay to buy her own box of cereal. Come on, it's just cereal, right? Spring for a fresh box!

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