More to Chew On: Refrigerator Insight

More to Chew On: Refrigerator Insight

Curious as to what your fridge says about you? Meet John Stonehill, the nation’s only Refrigerator Dating Expert. After 20 years of single life in NYC and LA, Stonehill discovered that checking his dates’ refrigerators revealed great insight into the kind of person she is.

Here’s what his research reveals:

MESSY FRIDGE: Messiness in the fridge often translates to messiness in your personal life. Avoid these people like the plague!

CHAMPAGNE IN YOUR FRIDGE: Champagne on standby indicates that you’re ready to start a party at any time – you’re impulsive and love to let loose!

LOTS OF TUPPERWARE: If you’re a single lady and have lots of Tupperware in your fridge, you want a ring on it ASAP!

Tell Us What You Think: Are Stonehill’s findings an accurate description of your fridge and your life?


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