More to Chew On: The Chew Crew Q&A

More to Chew On: The Chew Crew Q&A

When Chew Viewers are dealing with some sticky situations, they turn to The Chew Crew for some much-needed advice. Here’s what viewers at home are asking about this fall:

Q: Deanna V: What is the official ruling on wearing white after Labor Day?

A: Wear whatever you want! Refraining from wearing white after Labor Day is a thing of the past -- it’s more about what the weather is like.

Q: Laura F: I’m 45-years-old and I’m thinking about leaving my job and going to culinary school to become a chef. Is 45 too old to be an “up and coming chef?”

A: No! Mario says follow your dreams until you’re done! But, running a kitchen is a hard job – it’s time consuming and physically exhausting. Carla’s friend launched her culinary career at 57 years old, and it was very difficult, but absolutely worth the struggle.

Q: Sarah L: I started college 3 weeks ago and I’ve already gained 10 pounds! HELP!!! The unlimited meal plan is killing my waistline!

A: Fill up your plate with salad and vegetables, and treat the unhealthy foods as side dishes!