More to Chew On: Carla Hall's Expert Pie Tips

More to Chew On: Carla Hall's Expert Pie Tips

Pie fans, rejoice! From pizza pies to sweet pies, Americans are deeply, deeply in love with all sort of pie. In fact, according to the American Pie Council, Americans spend over $700 million dollars on store bought dessert pies per year! Oh, and the average American spends almost $500 per year on delivery pizza. That’s a lot of pie, people.

So, to save you some serious cash, we’re showing you cheap and easy pies to make at home with the help of Carla’s go-to pie-making tips:

1. Taste the Fruit: If you’re making a fruit pie be sure to taste the fruit before you start baking. If the fruit is especially tart or sweet you may want to adjust the amount of sugar in the filling recipe.

2. Keep it Flat: To minimize the space between your piecrust and filling when making apple pie, slice the apples flat instead of cutting them into wedges.

3. Let it Cool: Warm pies are great but it’s important not to cut into your pie right out of the oven. Letting your pie cool will allow the filling to set and thicken properly.