How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket

Tote your picnic lunch with ease by following Carla’s simple tips:

The Food

1. Stick with dishes that can be served cold or at room temperature. Think: irresistible fried chicken, casual sandwiches, or an easy pasta salad.

Hot Sauce Fried Chicken
Chicken Curry Sandwiches
Chilled Penne Pasta

2. If you want to pack potato salad, coleslaw, or anything with salad dressing, make sure it’s vinegar based. Serve in mason jars for a portable, easy-to-eat presentation.

Potato Salad
Kale Slaw

3. Pack food in plastic containers at the bottom of your basket so it doesn’t get squashed.

The Drinks

1. Freeze your drinks before you go and use them to keep your food cold.

2. Pack drinks at the top of your basket to keep the food underneath fresh and cool. Opt for festive drinks like ginger lemonade for the kids and mango vodka coolers for the adults.

Ginger Lemonade
Mango Vodka Coolers

The Presentation

1. Choose a brightly colored table runner – not only does it add some style to your picnic, but it makes it easy for people to find you if you’re in a crowded place. Feeling crafty? Try making your own table runner with Clinton’s Dip-Dye Tutorial.

2. Use disposable, biodegradable, cups, plates, and utensils, like those made of bamboo.

3. Bring a light blanket that can fit all of your picnic goers.

4. Don’t forget the cleanup gear. Pack a trash bag to dispose of garbage and hand wipes to easily wash off those messy fingers.