The Chew Gives Away PicoBrew Craft Beer Home Brewery System

The Chew Gives Away PicoBrew Craft Beer Home Brewery System

After telling spooky stories around the campfire, The Chew co-hosts calmed their nerves and whet their whistles with a special craft beer tasting of brews provided by our friends at PicoBrew.  

Clinton, Carla, Mario and Michael got a taste of four distinct craft brews: the malty sweet Stoup Brewing Robust Porter brewed in Seattle; hoppy Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA, brewed in Ontario; hoppy, fruity and herby Straßenbräu NB30 IPA brewed in Berlin, and clean, malt-forward Lucky Envelope Helles Lager, also brewed in Seattle. 

The best part? You can make these craft beers, and hundreds more with PicoPaks from award-winning breweries around the world or create your own recipe, at home with PicoBrew's craft beer home brewery systems.  

With the Pico Model C, homebrewing doesn't have to be a scary undertaking.  Just pop in the PicoPak of your choice (it's filled with all the fresh hops and grains you need), customize the ABV and IBUs as desired (that's Alcohol by Volume and International Bitterness Units), and hit "Brew"! Pico Model C does all the heavy lifting for you: about two hours later, your unfermented beer is automatically transferred into the brewing keg, and in about 7 to 10 days grain to glass, you'll have fresh, delicious craft beer to drink and share around the campfire, or at any gathering.

Our lucky members of The Chew studio audience got to go home with their own Pico Model C home brewery, but you can learn more and get your very own at