The Chew's Ultimate Summer Grilling Tips

The Chew's Ultimate Summer Grilling Tips

Summer is here and there’s nothing worse than getting to BBQ only to discover burnt burgers, warm beer,  or lackluster decor. If you follow all the tips below, your next grill out is sure to be the best yet!

Organize the Doneness of Your Burgers
Isn’t the worst when you want a rare burger only to discover that one one you picked up is well done?!?! Don’t keep your guests guessing, use different colored golf tees to let them know the doneness of your burgers!

Fail-Safe Grilling Tips
Grilling isn’t exactly a science, but if you’re not careful, your steak can go from juicy and tasty to burnt to a crisp in the blink of an eye. Follow Michael's tips to ensure your grilled meats come out perfect every time!

Chew Tips: Stuffed Cheeseburgers
People in Minneapolis got it right when they invented the Juicy Lucy, plus putting the cheese on the inside of the burger makes to SO much easier to transport too! Just be careful though, if you eat it too soon after taking it off the grill, the burger can erupt with cheese like lava out of a volcano! 

Daphne's Corn on the Cob
Everyone loves grilled corn on the cob, but the problem is that it’s so darn easy to burn or dry out. Follow Daphne’s fool-proof tip and you will get AMAZING grilled corn every time!

Daphne’s Quick Marinades
What most people don’t know about marinades is that not only do they work well with meat, but they work with veggies too! So put down that faux meat patty, pull out your favorite veggies, and show your meat eating friends that veggies have a tasty place on the BBQ too!

Carla's Corn on the Cob Tips
Okay, you know how to cook the corn but do you know what to do with it after it’s done? Carla gives you the lowdown on cutting, storing, and eating everyone’s favorite side dish!

The Grillmaster’s New Secret Weapon
Grilling is great when you’re talking about big hunks of meat, but what about when you want to put the flame to small items like mushrooms or sliced zucchini? The answer is simple: Michael’s new grilling secret weapon, the grill basket! Just load up whatever you want in this cage-like device and you’re set to go. As an added bonus, when you need to flip the food, it’s all done in one motion rather than you having to turn each and every tiny little piece of food! Talk about a time-saver!

Foil Grilling
Foil grilling is a super-easy way to prepare your sides without having to pay too much attention to it. Just load it up, crimp it shut, and throw it on the grill. No fuss, no muss is the name of the game here!

Mario's and Clinton's Grilling Secrets
Wow your guests with these subtle BBQ secrets!

Grilled Fruit
Did you know that grills can also be used for desserts? Follow Daphne’s tips to give your guests a warm and comforting sweet treat!

Carla’s BBQ Glaze
Carla shows you that you can turn any jam or jelly into a delicious glaze for your grilled meats!