Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Easter Egg

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Easter Egg

Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means, Egg Hunts! From making to decorating to eating, we put together the top 5 tips you need to know for the Perfect Easter Egg!

1. The Basics – Make the Perfect Hardboiled Egg

Amazing Easter Eggs start (obviously) with the perfect hardboiled egg. This skill is easy to learn, but can be tricky to master. Carla Hall shares her sure-fire tips for making sure the eggs come out just right every time. Use these for your egg hunt and when it’s over, chop them up for delicious deviled eggs!

2. Marbled Dyed Eggs

As the old saying goes, you got to learn to walk before you run and the same logic applies to egg dyeing. You should master the art of basic coloring before you move onto advance egg dyeing and painting. Our resident craft master, Clinton Kelly, shows you how to make eggcellent marbled dyed eggs!

What You Need
Hard Boiled Eggs
Different colors of food dye
Olive Oil
Paper Towels
A bowl of warm water without dye
Bowls of water with 2 tablespoons vinegar each

How To Make Them
• Mix together three cups of warm water in shallow bowls with two tablespoons of vinegar and ten drops of food coloring. Whisk the ingredients together well.
• Submerge your eggs and leave them in the dye until they reach the desired color.
One thing we learned is that it is better to have a lighter color as the base color so the second layer of color will take well on your eggs.
• Gently pat your eggs dry with a paper towel, allow to fully dry.
• To the dye that you have already prepared, add one tablespoon of olive oil.
• Using a fork, run your fork through the oil to break it into pieces to create the solution to roll your eggs.
• As the oil swirls, roll dyed eggs once through a contrasting color, allowing the oil to pick up and create another layer of color on eggs. Blot gently with paper towels and let dry completely.

3. Herb Silhouette Dyed Eggs

Herb silhouettes are an eggstrememly easy way to make fancy looking eggs without all the fuss. It’s so easy, even your kids could do it. Go on, don’t be afraid, give it a shot!

What You’ll Need
• Eggs
• Fresh herbs like mint, cilantro or dill
• Plain, nude stockings
• Rubberbands
• Vinegar
• Liquid food coloring

How to Make Them
• Place herb onto egg with the front of herb facing the egg.
• Place egg into stocking and secure with rubber band or tie it off.
• Add vinegar and food coloring to bowl of hot water.  You want to use 1 teaspoon of vinegar per half cup of water.  Then add twenty drops of food coloring for each half cup of water.
• Place eggs into bowls and let sit for at least 5 minutes.
• Unwrap egg in water bath to prevent dye from bleeding.  Then you can use a polyurethane spray to seal them and create a nice finish.
• If you want to add an intro message-in-an-egg use one of your blown out, decorated eggs.  Then write a message on a small piece of paper, then roll it up and insert into hole in egg.  Place your egg into a small box and use them as place settings! Your guests can break their eggs and read their messages.

4. Silk Dyed Eggs

Now that you know the basics, you can move up to the big leagues: silk-dyed eggs. As an added bonus, if you blow out your eggs first you can keep them for years to come!

What You’ll Need
• Eggs
• Old silk scarves or ties
• White vinegar
• Rubber bands
• Socks

How to Make Them
• If you want to keep them for more than a year you can blow out your eggs if you want to make them last for years to come.  To do this just poke a hole in the top and bottom, then use a small straw to blow out the yolk and whites. Rinse it out, let dry, and you’re ready to go!
• Tightly wrap egg in scarf.  Then secure with rubber band.
• Place the egg in a sock and secure with a rubberband.
• Add 1 cup vinegar to pot of gently boiling water.  You want about 1 teaspoon of vinegar for every half cup of water.  Be sure to use enamel or glass pot (something non-reactive).
• Drop eggs into water and let sit for 20 minutes.  If they’re blown eggs, fill them with water beforehand so they sink.
• We removed the eggs from the boiling water and allowed them to cool.
• Unwrap them and check out your creation.  NOTE: These are not to be eaten – they are for display only.

5. Turn Leftover Hardboiled Eggs into Yummy Dishes

Easter eggs are great for Easter Sunday, but what are you supposed to do with all of them on Monday morning?!? Turn them into your favorite dishes that’s what and ours has GOT to be deviled eggs. Gets Carla’s recipe for Deviled Eggs