The Family Series Premiere Recap: Is Adam Warren Really Their Son?

The Family Series Premiere Recap: Is Adam Warren Really Their Son?

In case you missed tonight's exciting series premiere of The Family do not worry, we have you covered! Watch the series premiere free without signing in RIGHT HERE! Short on time? Check out The Family recap, a video filled catch up on all of the drama that you may have missed. Let's dive right in. 

Ten years after the disappearance of her son, Adam Warren (Liam James)Claire Warren (Joan Allen) still can’t sleep at night. She not only has survived the heart-breaking loss of her son, but has used her resiliency and surrounding adversity in the aftermath of this tragedy to fuel her own political aspirations. Now the Mayor of Red Pines, ME, she is considering running for governor when suddenly Adam (Liam James) reappears, forcing the entire case to be brought into question and freeing the Warren’s neighbor, Hank Asher (Andrew McCarthy), who was convicted of his murder. Deceptions and indiscretions have taken the place of what used to be a happy, loving family.

Watch Adam's dramatic return now:

Adam Returns|The Warren family is stunned when Adam suddenly returns.|A family is shaken to the core when a politician's presumed dead son Adam suddenly returns. After disappearing a decade earlier, his homecoming is met with astonishment and joy, but suspicions soon begin to emerge. The boy's shocking reappearance forces the entire family to re-examine who they are, and unearths long-buried secrets, betrayals and heartache. From The Family Series Premiere on ABC. Watch The Family at its regular time SUNDAYS 9|8c.

The unfolding mystery impacts the entire family: Willa (Alison Pill), Claire’s daughter and savvy political advisor; Danny (Zach Gilford), the Warren’s cynical eldest son; and husband John (Rupert Graves), whose relationship with Claire is about to come apart at the seams.

The dark mystery surrounding the Warrens has major repercussions for others as well. Cracking Adam’s kidnapping made Detective Nina Meyer’s (Margot Bingham) career, but now the same case threatens to be her downfall. Bridey Cruz (Floriana Lima), an up-and-coming young reporter, is willing to do almost anything to rise from obscurity and make this story her first front-page byline.

Claire Warren Runs For Governor|Claire shocks her family with her political announcement.|Now with the Governorship of Maine in her sight, Claire's political motives come under scrutiny when Adam's shocking return suddenly makes her a player on a national stage. Is she a scheming politician willing to leverage whatever is at her disposal to fulfill her aspirations or a fiercely loving mother and wife, determined to protect her family and their secrets at whatever the cost? From The Family Series Premiere on ABC.Watch The Family at its regular time SUNDAYS 9|8c.

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The Family stars Joan Allen as ClaireAlison Pill as WillaMargot Bingham as Sergeant Nina MeyerZach Gilford as DannyLiam James as AdamFloriana Lima as BrideyMadeleine Arthur as Young WillaRarmian Newton as Young DannyRupert Graves as John and Andrew McCarthy as Hank.


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