"The Final Straw" Coming SUNDAYS 9/8c This Fall to ABC

"The Final Straw" Coming SUNDAYS 9/8c This Fall to ABC

Hosted by Janelle James, "The Final Straw" is a larger-than-life competition series where four teams of contestants compete in an epic battle against gravity and physics as they attempt to remove items from enjoyably themed stacks in the hopes of facing off against The Mega Stack for a chance to win the grand prize of $250,000. 

VIDEO: Janelle James hosts new competition series "The Final Straw" coming SUNDAYS 9/8c this summer to ABC

The stakes are high as four teams of colorful contestants face off to combat tremendous tipping towers. Each life-sized themed tower is chock full of various objects ranging from basketballs to small kitchen appliances as contestants try to successfully pull items from the stack without tipping it over in order to earn prizes. If the tower falls, the team is eliminated and the last team standing will compete against The Mega Stack, an epic battle of physics where the odds are literally stacked against them, in hopes of winning a life-changing grand prize.

"The Final Straw" is produced by B17 Entertainment in association with Walt Disney Television's newly formed alternative production unit. Brien Meagher, Rhett Bachner and Sarah Happel Jackson serve as executive producers; and Keith Geller serves as showrunner and executive producer.

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