Script Tease: First Crush

Script Tease: First Crush

Adam glances over to ZOE the waitress (15, cute, bubbly). In dramatic SLOW MO, she scrapes baked beans off a plate into a sludgy trough.

ADULT ADAM (Voiceover):
Her name was Zoe Macintosh. She was the complete package -- beautiful, older and her dad was our family podiatrist.

Okay, last week, we told her your name. Let’s see if it stuck.
(calling to Zoe)
Oh, Miss? Could you top me off?

No, no! Pops, too ballsy! Pops! Stop! No, no, no. I can’t do this. I’m not ready!

Zoe approaches and pours Pops a cup of coffee.

‘Sup, girl?
The check please?

You got it, Alan.

Zoe heads off.

Did you hear that? She just called me Alan!

That’s not your name.

I’ll change it! I’m Alan now! Pops, you’re a genius! Thank you, Jedi Master.