Bryan Mckinnon
Bryan Mckinnon

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Creative

Family, faith and frosting are what this quirky blonde is all about! While most newlyweds at 27 years old would feel trapped being stuck at home with 2 toddlers all day, Bryan is loving her new gig. She sees it as the perfect excuse to not have to work!

Married at 20, Bryan and her husband got on early start on their family life. Holding down the fort and kids while her husband finished law school proved to be more challenging than Bryan expected. Baking became an outlet and her one connection to the outside adult world.

Although Bryan knew her husband when they were teenagers, she's not surprised he never looked twice at her until college. Her awkward and weird years hit hard in high school but she owns her weirdness and loves to make fun of herself.

There are days when staying home with 2 young kids can drain all your energy and can beat down your confidence. Those are the days you need to "rely on the magic of motherhood" and remind yourself who you are. Bryan has always felt like baking has been her gift, the one thing she was naturally good at. Being a part of the competition would finally give her that validation.

1st Baking Memory: Making Krum Kaka, a traditional Norwegian cookie, with her mother at Christmas
Baking Inspiration: Her beloved family