Cindy Maliniak
Cindy Maliniak

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Eclectic

Cindy is the life coach we all love and need in our own lives. Everyone gravitates towards the positive energy and generosity she radiates. Cindy has a way of making you find humor even within your own problems and helps you to put things into perspective.

After having a long and successful career as a florist, she found herself at a crossroads. Cindy decided to see a life coach and that's when she discovered that being a Life Coach was actually her true calling.

As a child, Cindy formed a special connection to baking as her mother grew very ill and became disabled. When she eventually lost all movement, Cindy became an extension of her hands while her mother guided her through the different baking steps. She still feels that connection to her mother every time she steps into the kitchen.

The sheer joy and love she has for life comes out even more when she's baking. Being a part of The Great American Baking Show would be an amazing chapter that Cindy would love to add to her life.

1st Baking Memory: Making sweet apple pie with her mother as a child
Baking Inspiration: Baking for the people she loves most and being challenged to try new things