Hector De Haro
Hector De Haro

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Modern

Being raised by immigrant parents inspired this Yale graduate to pursue labor organizing and become a labor law attorney to help other immigrant workers make a difference in their lives.

Since neither of Hector's parents were able to graduate from high school in Guadalajara, they constantly stressed the value of education to their children. Graduating from an Ivy League school was one of the greatest ways he could show his appreciation for all their years of sacrifice.

It didn't take long for Hector to realize he needed an outlet when experiencing the highs and lows of working with labor unions. Baking quickly became his stress reliever and he found himself in the kitchen every weekend trying to perfect his craft.

Hector doesn't give anything he does less than 100%, but as a perfectionist, he is still very hard on himself. Being on The Great American Baking Show would finally give him the validation he needs to believe his bakes are as good as his friends say.

1st Baking Memory: Making Mexican bread pudding during Lent with his family
Baking Inspiration: Showing his friends and family he cares