JC Gregg
JC Gregg

Baker Biography

Baking Style: French Contemporary with a Twist

When JC enters a room, there are two things you can know for sure - he will always be the best dressed, and the one having the most fun. He's the life of every and any party! His playful energy and flamboyant style are sure to take The Great American Baking Show by storm.

Last year JC discovered a new side of himself when he shed 150 lbs. through gastric bypass surgery. When his confidence began to skyrocket, so did his fashion sense. He started developing a taste for bowties, dress socks, and luxury watches. Flaunting his impeccable style is one of his favorite pastimes.

When he's not stocking his closet, you can always find JC in his kitchen. His passion for baking started 8 years ago after experiencing the heartbreak of losing his mother. What first started as a way to honor the most important woman in his life, flourished into a deep passion and love for baking.

JC's secret weapon in life, and the kitchen, is to never take anything too seriously. He brings back an element of fun into the kitchen that will make viewers want to root for him until the end. And once he enters the baking tent, you better believe he will be there till the end. JC is determined to finish out the competition as the one character you won't ever forget.

1st Baking Memory: Baking with his mother at 3 years old
Baking Inspiration: The challenges of learning and creating new recipes