Vallery Lomas
Vallery Lomas

Baker Biography

Baking Style: Classic with an Eclectic Twist

Growing up in southern Louisiana, Vallery displayed a spice for life at a very young age. Instead of walking her first baby steps, she ran them- all the way across the length of her kitchen floor. Her curiosity grew as she did, and she satisfied her exploratory and adventurous nature by moving across the country to Los Angeles for college. 

When she ended up in New York City after law school, Vallery knew she had found where she belonged. She focused on her law career and adventured her way through the big apple, feeding off of the bright lights and energy of the city's streets. 

Vallery grew up with five sisters and learned early on how to assert her opinion and make herself known to those around her. She had more responsibilities as an older child in the family and developed a strong-willed personality, enabling her to endure any challenge that may come her way.  

This Southern belle has already made a name for herself as a top scholar in law school and a successful NY attorney. It would be a dream for Vallery if the next name she made for herself was The Great American Baking Show Champion!

1st Baking Memory: Making her grandmother Leona's Strawberry Delight at Christmas time
Baking Inspiration: To recreate things she's experienced during her travels