Andy Walken
Andy Walken
as William Cleary

Actor Biography

Starting at the young age of 5 as a competitive figure skater, Andy Walken was hitting the ice as early as 6 a.m. and has competed in solo performances all over the Pacific Northwest. Simultaneously, he was bitten by the acting bug during his kindergarten class performance in The Lorax. He soon learned that he loved singing onstage in a children's Peter Pan workshop at the Everett Village Theater.

After being discovered in 2015 at a national talent convention, Walken began booking television roles on NCIS and Heartbeat. In addition to television, he landed roles in films including Netflix's Most Hated Woman in America and Lifetime's Escaping Dad. After a nationwide search, he booked the lead role of Ralphie in Fox's special television event A Christmas Story Live!

He has infectious energy and enthusiasm, and is usually up for anything, whether braving the biggest roller coaster, hiking with his dog or singing anything he hears on the radio.