Mommy in The Middle: Frankie Heck's 6 Top Parenting Moments

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for us to celebrate one of our favorite moms. To find the object of our admiration, we head over to Orson, Indiana, home to the world’s largest polyurethane cow. It’s also home to Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton) and her family. Frankie is the glue that holds this eclectic crew together. Just call her the Mommy in The Middle. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Mom Moments from one Heck of a hero. Here’s Frankie!

6. Mother’s Day Cry: Axl gives Frankie a backup gift after she gives her original present away. This triggers a lot of issues between the mothers and daughters at the table.

5. Raising the Kids Right: While Frankie returns her salad hands, she finds out the effort her kids made in order to find the perfect mother's day gift. The cashier compliments her and her mother on how they've been raised.

4. Embarrassing the Kids: After Frankie's mother takes off, Frankie tries to find her at homecoming. Frankie decides to sit at Sue's booth to wait for her but ends up embarrassing Sue in the process and continues the circle of embarrassment.

3. Empty Nest: Frankie finally feels sad that Sue is leaving for college. She can't wait to see the amazing things Sue will do in college.

2. Photo Finished: There are more tears from Mom as the Heck family searches the entire house for a box of old photos. When Sue finally finds the box, Frankie discovers there are only old magazines in the box. She's crushed that no one will ever know how pretty she was before.

1. Family Meal Maker: When we first met Frankie Heck, she always served dinner the same way - in a bag filled with wax paper-wrapped fast food. We're happy to report that nowadays Frankie gives her kids a nice homemade breakfast. In these times when we should all be looking to use less water by doing less dishes, we can all take a lesson from Frankie Heck.

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