4 Mistakes Mike Heck Makes in His Marriage-and How to Avoid Them

4 Mistakes Mike Heck Makes in His Marriage-and How to Avoid Them

When Frankie (Patricia Heaton) trips and falls on The Middle’s “Hecks on a Train” episode, Mike (Neil Flynn) exhibits some pretty ungentlemanly behavior. Though the family reaches their destination safely, Mike is a bit of a train wreck when it comes to fixing the situation. Here are the mistakes he makes—and how to avoid them: 

1. Prioritizes Food Over His Wife's Safety. We love food as much as the next guy, but when you finish pumping ketchup before helping your injured wife, there’s definitely a problem. Chivalry might be dead, but you don’t have to be the dude who murdered it. 

Frankie Trips and Falls|Frankie takes a spill after ordering chicken fingers.|Frankie (Patricia Heaton) trips and falls in the dining car of a train after ordering chicken fingers. Mike (Neil Flynn) continues pumping ketchup at the condiments station after her spill, while a complete stranger rushes to her aid. From The Middle, Season 6, Episode 12, "Hecks on a Train."

2. Uses Weak Moves. Looking deep into her eyes, taking her in your arms, holding her tight—all of these are better moves than Mike’s go-to of patting Frankie like a “Golden Retriever.” Don’t be afraid to show a little affection, guys. 

3. Lets Another Dude One-Up Him. Mike’s right to apologize to Frankie after the ketchup incident but when he says there’s nothing else he can do to make her feel better, he’s wrong. Cue the stranger who goes out of his way to bring Frankie an ice pack. Mike could have made up for his shortcomings with a nice gesture…and could’ve avoided getting one-upped by a complete stranger while he was at it.  

4. Fails to Notice Her. It’s one thing if you fail to notice your lady’s new outfit or haircut. It’s quite another if don’t realize when she’s gone missing, like Mike!


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