Hidden April Fools' Jokes Revealed in the Wednesday Comedies

Hidden April Fools' Jokes Revealed in the Wednesday Comedies

For April Fools' Day 2015, all of the ABC Wednesday comedies pulled a prank by featuring some hidden jokes in each of the night's episodes. If you paid close attention, you might've caught the secret jokes in The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family and black-ish. Watch this video to see all the April Fools' secrets revealed:

Check out the full list of April Fools’ Day Pranks:

The Middle - "Operation Infiltration"
• The Title Sequence
– Did you notice the sheep noise? Normally, you'd hear the caw of a crow during the title sequence.

The School Bus – Maybe spelling isn't the school's strongest subject. The side of the school bus is misspelled as "Orsen" instead of "Orson."

The Special Guest at the Campus Party – Who says hello to Axl (Charlie McDermott)? That person is Barry Goldberg (Troy Gentile) from The Goldbergs, who looks exactlythe same as he did way back in the '80s:

The Goldbergs: - "The Adam Bomb"
Barry’s Shirt – When Barry goes upstairs to smash more of Adam’s things, his shirt briefly changes. Is he suddenly a fan of the Calgary Flames? His shirt switches back to the Philly Flyers in the same scene.

Beverly’s Bedazzled Sweater – Pay close attention to the front of her sweater during the scene when she's making posters for Erica. The appliqué on her sweater changes from an animal print to a cat.

Barry’s Baseball Cards – When Barry is flipping through his baseball card album, check out the second page of cards. Who's the guy in the Phillies jersey in the middle of the bottom row? It’s Murray Goldberg (Jeff Garlin):

Modern Family - "Grill, Interrupted"
The Opening Title Sequence - Instead of showing the Season 6 opening sequence, the version of the families holding the picture frames are from Season 1, so Lily is a baby, the Dunphy kids look super young and there's no trace of Baby Joe.

The Shoes Painting - Keep your eye on the painting in the foyer of Jay and Gloria's house. Normally, the painting by the front door depicts someone wearing flip-flops, but the shoes change to one of three different styles in various scenes.

black-ish - "Sex, Lies and Vasectomies"
Literal Easter Eggs - For black-ish, literal Easter eggs were hidden in each act of the show. In the opening, an Easter basket appears in Dre's closet. In Act 1, there's an Easter basket on the office table. In Act 2, you can spot an Easter basket in the bathroom. The final Easter basket appears in Act 3 on the kitchen counter when Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) is talking to Junior (Marcus Scribner).

Happy April Fools' Day!

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