Sue Finds Her Yearbook at the Perfect Time

Sue Finds Her Yearbook at the Perfect Time

Sue (Eden Sher) hits rock bottom leading up to graduation.  In the Season 6 Finale "The Graduate", Sue Heck can't catch a break when she is set to graduate without any accomplishments.  To top it off, she can't find her yearbook.  Find out how bad things were and how it was changed in an instant at graduation.

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Sue Loses the Perfect Attendance Award

Although Sue only missed one day of school, she will still not receive the perfect attendance award.  Sneaking off campus to go to lunch ends up costing her the perfect attendance award.

Sue Wants Honor Cords
While picking up her cap and gown, Sue Heck (Eden Sher) is disappointed when she finds out that she will not be receiving any honor cords for graduation.

Sue's Graduates from High School
Sue is sad about not being recognized for her accomplishments throughout high school.  Sue gets a wonderful surprise during graduation when she receives her yearbook back with signatures from her classmates, who left messages about how much Sue inspires them.

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