season 2

A family learns a gated community is home to aliens.

S2 E1 - Family Conference
Amber and Reggie reveal their relationship.
09.21.2013 | 21m
S2 E2 - September Fools
Larry plans to prank the Weavers.
09.28.2013 | 21m
S2 E3 - Neighbours
When her family is cut off, Jackie secretly gets a job.
10.05.2013 | 21m
S2 E4 - The One With Interspecies Friends
Jackie and Debbie get makeovers by Shirley.
10.12.2013 | 21m
S2 E5 - Challoweenukah
Larry wants to combine holidays Chanukah and Halloween.
10.19.2013 | 20m
S2 E6 - Any Friggin' Sunday
Football season consumes the Weaver household.
11.02.2013 | 21m
S2 E7 - We Jumped the Shark (Tank)
Debbie creates a unique purse and ends up on Shark Tank.
11.09.2013 | 21m
S2 E8 - Good Debbie Hunting
Debbie wants to enroll in business school.
11.16.2013 | 21m
S2 E9 - Thanksgiving is no Schmuck Bait
Marty's father visits unexpectedly with stunning news.
11.23.2013 | 20m
S2 E10 - Supreme Like Me
Jackie's parents help the Weavers with a water pipe.
12.07.2013 | 21m
S2 E11 - A Christmas Story
Debbie spoils Larry's Christmas surprise for Dick.
12.14.2013 | 21m
S2 E12 - Fear and Loving in New Jersey
The Weavers give the Bird-Kersees self-defense lessons.
01.11.2014 | 21m
S2 E13 - High School Reunion
Marty and Debbie prepare for their high school reunion.
01.18.2014 | 21m
S2 E14 - Man, Actually
Debbie struggles with going back to school.
01.25.2014 | 21m
S2 E15 - You've Lost That Larry Feeling
Debbie stuggles with being a mom to the students.
02.01.2014 | 20m
S2 E16 - Oscar Party
Debbie finally joins a popular social media outlet.
03.01.2014 | 20m
S2 E17 - Balle Balle!
Larry's co-worker invites him to an Indian wedding.
03.08.2014 | 21m
S2 E18 - A Night in (Lou Ferrigno's Hibachi) Heaven
Dick falls for the new baby sitter.
03.15.2014 | 20m
S2 E19 - Uncle Benjamin
Debbie's estranged mother invites her to San Diego.
03.22.2014 | 21m
S2 E20 - Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
The Weaver's bowling partners want Debbie off the team.
03.29.2014 | 21m
S2 E21 - All That Jazzy Jeff
Larry's brother DJ Jazzy Jeff visits from out of town.
04.05.2014 | 21m
S2 E22 - There Goes the Neighbors' Hood
Larry finds out he's pregnant.
04.12.2014 | 21m