Eileen O'Neal's Top 5 Real Mom Moments... So Far!

Eighteen years ago, after an unplanned pregnancy and a shotgun wedding, Eileen O’Neal (Martha Plimpton) quickly got her act together, reinventing herself as the perfectly put-together Catholic mom. It didn’t last. Secrets came out and the seemingly perfect family was exposed as a being, well, a “real” mess. Nevertheless, these five very different people always seem to have each other’s backs thanks to their fearless, yet still God-fearing, leader. Just in time for Mother’s Day, take a look Eileen O’Neal’s Top 5 Real Mom Moments so far!

5. By the Book Mom: Busy mothers rarely have time to read anything other than report cards and prescription labels. When Eileen realizes she's hosting that day's book club meeting, she frantically preps Jodi, Jimmy, and Shannon on how to run interference for her. But when nemesis Marcia puts her on the spot, Eileen decides it's time to get real, and be honest. This leads to some unexpected feedback.

4. Now Listen, Grandma: When strict Catholic Grandma Agnes tells Kenny that God doesn't accept him because he's gay, and neither does she, Eileen decides her mother has gone too far. She stands up to Agnes in heroic mom fashion. Even Grandma gets a little choked up.

3. Confirming Family Values: Eileen confronts Shannon about skipping confirmation class to work at a pretzel stand. It's important to her that Shannon gets confirmed, but Shannon explains she has trouble accepting on faith what she can't see. Eileen has the perfect mom response.

2. Mother Judger: Kenny confides in Eileen that he's upset because he finally liked a guy, and the guy didn't like him back. Despite promising to try not to be judgmental, Eileen immediately passes judgment on the boy who rejected her son.

1. Dream Leader: The Real O'Neals are just your typical all-American, Catholic, divorcing, disgraced, law-breaking, gay family. And when Eileen decides she needs their canoe back, the entire clan pulls together to help her swipe it… from the church!

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