5 Reasons to Watch The Real O’Neals Series Premiere

5 Reasons to Watch The Real O’Neals Series Premiere

ABC's new comedy The Real O'Neals 2 episode series premiere is TONIGHT MARCH 2 at 8:30|7:30c and 9:30|8:30c, before and after Modern Family. If you weren't already excited enough, we've got five more reasons for you to tune in and see what happens when a seemingly normal family decides to finally start being honest with each other.

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1. Dan Savage is the creator

Writer and advice columnist Dan Savage provided the idea for The Real O'Neals, and the show is partially based on his life. As a teenager living in Chicago, Savage came out to his deeply Catholic family, and the results were a lot like what you see on the show. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was messy, but it was always real, just like The Real O'Neals.

2. Martha Plimpton plays Eileen O'Neal

The Real O’Neals cast features Martha Plimpton in a starring role as O'Neal matriarch Eileen O'Neal. You know Martha from her appearances on Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife; in The Real O'Neals, she plays the loving mom who's trying to do her best as her family undergoes some new and needed changes.

3. The show turns the traditional Catholic family on its head

The Real O'Neals welcomes Catholic families into a new age. You've seen families like the O'Neals on TV before, but not like this. They aren't the stereotypical, cookie-cutter family; they're more like the families you see in real life, which gives the show a great sense of authenticity.

4. If you like Modern Family, you'll love The Real O'Neals

Speaking of families, the O'Neals have a lot on common with the beloved Dunphy-Pritchett clan. The crew from Modern Family is certainly unique, but at the end of the day, they're just like everyone else. The same goes for the O'Neals, whose decision to start being real shatters their perfect image and reveals the same flaws we all have.

5. It's a great new addition to ABC's comedy lineup

You already know about The Goldbergs and the Huangs from Fresh Off the Boat, so just think of the O'Neals as the new family on the block, ready to greet you and welcome you into their lives. The show becomes part of a hilarious lineup of comedies all about the importance of family, so make The Real O'Neals part of your own by tuning in!

Join the O'Neals—Eileen (Martha Plimpton), Pat (Jay Ferguson), Kenny (Noah Galvin), Jimmy (Matt Shively) and Shannon (Bebe Wood)—starting TONIGHT MARCH 2 8:30|7:30c before and after Modern Family, and don’t miss the rest of The Real O'Neals!

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