Episode 301: Dan's Audition Recipe: Dungeness Crab Cake

Challenge: Auditions
Dish: Dungeness Crab Cake

1 Dungeness crab, alive & steamed
¼ cup panko
½ whisked egg
¼ lime juice
3 tbsp yuzu juice
2 tbsp mayo
3 tbsp cilantro
3 tbsp Thai basil
2 tbsp mint
2 tbsp Thai chili paste

4 clove fermented garlic
2 tbsp yuzu
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp cilantro
2 tbsp Thai basil
1 tbsp mint
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
1 cup peanut oil
4 tbsp Sriracha
½ tsp fresh toasted Szechuan pepper, ground
3 tbsp soy sauce


Mix herbs, egg, mayo, panko, lime juice, yuzu juice, chili paste.

Gently fold in cooked crab meat.

Form into cakes using ring mold.

Cook at 415F for 10 min or until golden brown.

Add all ingredients except peanut oil in food processor.

Slowly drip peanut oil into mix and build aioli.

Garnish with small cilantro leaves and serve hot.